Empowering Women one Session at a time.

Get ready to love yourself, get pampered, and hyped up, and celebrate YOU!

Alrighty ladies, real talk here. 

Have you ever felt you're losing your confidence, whether you're not skinny enough, or pretty enough, or don't fit in with societies stereotypical body? Or even you just want to feel GOOD? I'm pretty sure all of us have been there at one point, even myself, hell I deal with it daily. 

I used to struggle with my weight as a kid, always the chubby one, or "big boned" (loved that one). I grew up being so self conscious and ALWAYS comparing myself to people who literally didn't even have the same genes as I did. Until one day, I said FUCK IT. I am going to love myself and my body for what it is PERIOD. Ever since then, I have been working for myself and for other women like me, to love their bodies, because you deserve to. 

Well I got some news for you girlie, actually some amazing news… you are WORTHY, LOVED, GORGEOUS, and most importantly you are YOU! Every little part of you makes you, you. From every part of you, head to toe, you are beautiful and deserve to be praised for you and your beauty! 

And that's where I come in, I'm here to showcase all that beauty through your boudoir session. 

How can I make you feel comfortable and confident? I ask all the questions, so I can assure you, when it comes to your session, you feel so good and know just how freaking badass and gorgeous you are; and when the shoot comes to the end, you feel empowered with confidence and leave feeling all the self love that you deserve to feel.

You wont have the body you have forever, so LOVE her! Love all of her curves, stretch marks, bumps, and scars. Because you are beautiful and deserve it. 

Pricing & Packages

Bronze $450

1 hour session
Up to 2 outfits + just the sheet
50+ Edited images per hour delivered through A digital gallery 
Images delivered in 3-4 weeks  
Travel up to 50 miles 

Silver $600

Studio rental of choosing 
1.5 hour session
up to 3 outfits + Just the sheet
75+ Edited images per hour delivered through A digital gallery 
Images delivered in 3-4 weeks 
Printing rights released 
travel up to 50 miles 

Gold $750

Studio rental of choosing 
Hair and makeup glam squad
1.5 hour session
Up to 3 outfits 
75+ Edited images per hour delivered through A digital gallery 
Images delivered in 3-4 weeks 
Printing rights released 
Travel up to 50 miles 

Not only that but she OVER delivers. You will get more than what you paid for when you work with Nichole. Super responsive and is there for you every step of the way!

I have worked with Nichole TWICE now and each experience was fun and comfortable! If you haven’t ever had a photo shoot before, Nichole completely guides you on how the process works, gives you tips and tricks for poses, plays music to make you comfortable and have fun!


When I saw the opportunity for a boudoir shoot I took it, so so happy I did. Not only did I leave more confident, but she shot some AMAZING pictures that I will have forever.

Nichole is the best photographer! She was able to fit in a last-minute engagement session for my future hubby and me. I really wanted to use someone local, and she is the best! After my engagement pictures, I knew I wanted to use her again in the future. Thank you so much, Nichole, I look forward to using you again for my next photography needs.


She is responsive, genuine, extremely talented, and the best hype woman. Expect to have a blast with Nichole. I could not recommend her enough!!!

Absolutely loved working with Nichole!! She made me feel confident and beautiful throughout the session and the photos turned out AMAZING! The whole booking process was easy and Nichole provided me with a style guide + tips to help prepare me for my session. 


Traveling Wedding Photographer based in Illinois 





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